Cognoplex is a team of professionals dedicated to making you work better.

Whether you define better as more profitable, faster, fewer errors, more reliable, more responsive, or all of the above, we can help.

Our primary tools are Microsoft Business Solutions Navision and years of experience.

With Navision we have a rock-solid business management and accounting foundation, along with the power to expand the solution to meet your specific industry needs, or to interface to your existing line of business applications.

With our experienced team we have the history of success and the knowledge and skills to tailor a business and accounting solution for you that will help you work better today and give you the agility and flexibility to continue to work better into the future.

We've done it for others. We can do it for you. Let us show you how.

Our History

When Navision first came to Canada in 1999, Toni MacKinnon and Tom Merrick were among the first professionals certified.

Toni, a CMA with a background in many industries and products, and Tom, a developer with a reputation for making the impossible possible, were already a known and respected team working with other mid-market accounting business solutions.

Toni and Tom quickly became the Go-To team for large or complex Navision projects.

In the intervening years, Toni and Tom have continued to hone and refine their talents by working on Navision projects (including some of the largest Navision installations in North America), training other Navision professionals, and by helping jump-start a number of Navision Solution Centres.

Now Toni and Tom have decided to start their own team of carefully selected Navision professionals. Their goal is to provide long term, top-notch, personal service.

This is Cognoplex.

Navision is a robust and flexible business solution. With full access to Navision's source code comes great power to create advanced solutions. But it also comes with great responsibility. Even the smallest change can spell disaster if not done by people who know the product, know the business, and know the techniques for managing change.

Cognoplex has the experience needed to create and maintain advanced solutions.

Our goal is to surpass expectations in all aspects of our business.

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